• Zaodam is a new Manyo Factory's skin care line. What is the secret and why do we need it?

Zaodam - is a new line of skin care products. What is the secret of it and why do we need it?

What is the difference between Zaodam and other products of Manyo Factory?

Now we will tell you everything!

If your skin is very sensitive and irritated, if it is tired of intensive treatment of acne and / or other skin problems, tired of taking medications for skin condition. If your skin looks dull and lifeless and you don’t know what else it needs, why doesn’t it fit, does it have an effect?

We will give you an answer - your skin needs to “RELAX” Even the toughest skin can get tired of so many creams, essences, serums and hundreds of active ingredients that we smear it daily.

The main difference of Zaodam series is that it consists of organic, soothing irritated and tired skin ingredients - wormwood extract, hauttuniya, birch sap and calendula.

The goal of Zaodam line is to relieve the skin from multi-stage care with many active elements that can overload your skin after summer vacation and plentiful sunshine, after intensive treatment of skin imperfections, and allow it to breathe freely and return to life.

If you feel that your skin needs calm and relaxation - try Zaodam.

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