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  • Because we receive a lot of questions about the Manyo Factory products, we desided to create a page where we will publish the most frequently asked questions. Here you will find answers to these questions as well as product recommendations, when and how to use. Please don't hesitate to send us your concerns, as we are always here to help you find the solution for your skin.


Can I use the hyperpigmentation (melasma) treatment 2 Weeks Express Program set in summer during the highest sun activity?

Thank you for your interest in the Manyo Factory products!

Yes, you can use the program, but make sure to apply an SPF50+++ or above sunscreen about 30 minutes before going outdoors. Also, try avoid the direct sunlight exposure.

What is the difference between the Active Refresh Herb Peel and the Ogok Latte Scrub Foam? Which one is more suitable for aging skin? or hyper pigmentation skin?
Hope to hear from you.

The Active Refresh Herb peel is a peeling gel that cisibly rolls, sweeps away dead skin cells whan massaged on to skin. This product effectively peel and help uncover a smooth, fresh, new complexion without drying, irritating, or causing undue stress to skin.
The Ogok latte scrub foam is a cleansing foam. it's effective in removing the waste residues of the pores and effective in cleansing the face with natural cream bubbles.
I want to recommend ogok latte scrub foam. it contains 5 grains powder and milk extract. So It helps not only soft scrub but also milk cleansing.
And I recommend bifidalacto complex product for aging skin.

Is the Hydrolyzed Collagen bovine or porcine (cow or pig) in your Glactomyces special treatment essence cream? I have a bovine allergy.

The Hydrolyzed Collagen contained in the Galactomyces special treatment essence cream has fish origin.

Dear Manyo Factory,

I've recently purchased both Bifida Ferment Complex and Galactomyces Niacin Special Treatment Essence, I would like to ask if you suggest I use both together at the same time or it is not recommended to use it together? If I can use it together, which essence should I be using it first?

Yes, both products can be used at the same time.
Although, if your skin type is oily we recommend to use the Niacin in the morning and the Bifidalacto complex in the evening.
Also if your skin type is dry or normal, you can safely use them at the same time and the order of use is not important. After you apply any of these products please allow ~15 minutes to absorb and then apply another product.

I'm excited to try my new Manyo products! I have a question about the order of using the products. I bought the galactomyces serum, toner, and cream. I use a 2% retinol serum at night and a vitamin C serum in the morning. Can you tell me in what order I should use the serum and toner? Before or after the retinol and vitamin C? My skin is not sensitive and tolerates products well. With the galactomyces I am hoping to reduce pore congestion and hyperpigmentation. Of course I know that the cream should be used at the end of the routine before sunscreen.

Thank you for your interest in the Manyo Factory products! We recommend you to apply the products in the following order:

1. Apply the Galactomy Skin Toner
2. In 15 minutes apply the Galactomyces serum.
3. In 15 minutes apply the Galactomyces cream.
4. 30 minutes before going outdoors apply the sunscreen

1. Apply the Galactomy Skin Toner
2. In 10-15 minutes apply the vitamin C serum.
3. In 10-15 minutes apply the Retinol serum.
4. In 15 minutes apply the Galactomyces cream.

Please keep in mind that using the Retinol in daytime during outdoor activities is not recommended because it may cause skin pigmentation. The reason why we recommend you to combine the retinol and C serums together is what we usually do for our own similar products. The Vita C serum is used for improving skin tone and pigment spots, but it dries skin a lot, so we recommend to combine it with our Skin Renew Vita E product to supply rich moisture. We also have the Midnight Cream which contains the same retinol, but it should be used to restore aging skin during night time. Thank you!


Do Manyo Factory products have ingredients not safe for women during pregnancy?

Thank you for your question. Herbal ingredients have excellent soothing and calming effect for sensitive and easily irriteated skin. But some people may have extra sensitivity against herbal ingredients especially during the peak season. The herb line line products go through a very thoroughfare testing by dermatology specialists, so we usually recommend the products as safe to use. But before applying to the face or other sensitive areas, please test the poduct for example on your hand to make sure it does not cause bad reaction.


I would like to confirm if you guys supply this vendor and if the Manyo Factory products they sell are genuine. The vendor is 'xxxxx' (we don't disclose the name on purpose) on The reason is because I recently purchased the “pure cleansing oil” from them and on the box it does not have a silver genuine product label on it. I do love Manyo Factory products and if the products from 'xxxxx' are not authentic, then I will not purchase from them again.

Thank you,


It looks like this seller is getting the products from some unauthorized sources like many others on Amazon and EBay. Therefore, Manyo Factory does not guarantee the quality and safety of the mentioned products. We deeply respect our every customer. In order to protect our brand reputation and the customers from purchasing fake or expired products we are now labeling our products with a silver sticker.

It is known that there are many small merchants who purchase the goods in large amounts during hot sales in Korea and resell through online stores like Amazon and EBay. But the problem is that these goods may soon become expired, hot sales are run in Korea to sell the close to the expiry products, obviously.

Also, because the Manyo Factory products rapidly gain popularity among organic skin care users and even regular products consumers for it's effectiveness and awesome ingredients, there's a possibility that fake or counterfeit goods may have appeared on the market. Please be aware and be cautious of that!

Manyo Factory authentic sticker


I wish to start using manyo products on a proper regiment  and seek your advice.

I have mature skin with loose elasticity. Skin is generally n dehyrated. Also concern wirh wrinkles around eye area.

Please advise the essential products to use.

Thank you very much.

Considering the information that you provided us, we would recommend you the following routine:

1. Use the Blue Vita Aqua Gel Foam for daily washing/cleansing.
2. Lactobacillus Bifida Mist - first stage of hydrating. Also can be applied during the day at any time you feel skin dehydration.
3. Bifidalacto Complex + Ultramoist Rebirth Serum - rich hydration and skin lifting effect.
4. Bifidalacto cream for daytime (apply in the morning) and the Midnight Regenerating Cream for nightime (apply in the evening) - skin lifting effect to improve and maintain skin elasticity.
5. Active Refresh Herb Peel - apply once every week, if you have dry dehydrated skin.

You either start with this entire routine to faster achive good results, or at least use the Bifidalacto Cream and Midnight Regenerating Cream for both hydrating you skin and improving the wrinkles around eyes.


I really interest with manyo factory product to use as my daily skincare.

but, there are several ingredients that may be my concern because of i'm a moslem.

so that, the question that i may ask are:

  1. are manyo factory product halal?
  2. is there any animal derivative, collagen from animal
  3. If number 2 is yes, can you mention the product? Or can you mention vegan product?
  4. is it animal testing free?

Because Halal cosmetics only use animal ingredients from animals which have been islamically slaughtered (excluding pigs which, of course are completely forbidden) and additionally must be cruelty free (i.e. not have been tested on animals) and alcohol free. 
Manyo Factory products do not contain animal derived components, but instead, only the botanical extracts are used. The only issue may be alcohol which is contained only in several products (Proxyl AC Care toner, Moist Floral Skin Lotion, Aqua Bonding Ampoule serum, 4GF eye cream, Bifidalacto eye cream, Herb Green Fresh Lotion, Galac for Men Daily Sun Lotion). We are yet not sure that this is enough to qualify the products to be vegan. 
Manyo Factory products are not tested on animals. Since February 4, 2017 testing on animals is officially banned and prohibited in South Korea. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) said it will impose 1 million-won ($849.3) fines on those who produce or sell finished cosmetic products that are tested on animals or contain ingredients that are tested on animals.
Manyo Factory is supporting the worldwide environment care and protection by providing special gifts, rewards and bonuses for returning the used glass bottles.

I have recently been introduced to Manyo Factory, i have oily skin and acne prone skin and enlarged pores (at least in my opinion).

I have been using the Galactomyte special treatment essence and the Galactomyte special treatment essence cream for a month.

I still experience my skin being oily upon waking up and after a few hours after cleansing. Thus, I thought of incorporating the Ultra Rebirth Moist Ampoules, Galactomyte Clarifying skin thinner and the Ultra Rebirth Moist serum into my skin care routine.

Could you advice my on such incorporation coupled with direction on use and the steps in its application?
Thank you

*p.s : I live in Malaysia, which is humid all the time (maybe it's a factor to my oily skin)

Because you have oily and acne prone skin we strongly suggest you to switch to another line of Manyo Factory products - Blemish Lab Proxyl.

This line of products is specifically designed for your type of skin and problems.

Your daily skin routine should be like this:

Every morning and evening, wash your face using the Blemish Lab Proxyl Acne Foam and apply:
1. Blemish Lab Proxyl AC Care Toner on the entire face
2. Blemish Lab Proxyl AC Control Salicyl Cream on the entire face
3. Blemish Lab Proxyl Gel topically on the acne area (you may also add a few drops of the Active Refresh Herb Oil)

Also the Blemish Lab Salicyl Pack mask is very very recommended for you. It is a wash off mask that should be used 1-2 times a week. You will notice an immediate improvement even after only one use. It is really amazing new mask.

To better clean and renew your skin we suggest to apply peeling 1 time a week. You may use our Active Refresh Herb Peel. We always recommend our customers with problem skin to apply a sunblock cream every time they go outside.


I am very impressed by Manyo Factory products and have seen incredible changes in my skin since I began using them. I would like to make sure that I am using the Manyo products correctly and determine if I can add any other products to my routine. I would greatly appreciate your guidance. 

I am using the following:


Galactomist, galactomyces essence, floral wax coating cream, caviar vita eye gel


Lactobacillus Bifida spray, bifidalacto complex, bifidalacto "bagel" cream, caviar vita eye gel 

I am also interested in the vitamin C and E treatments to help with wrinkles (I am in my 40s). Can I add them into my routine and if so, how? Is there anything else you would recommend to fight wrinkles? It is difficult to choose when there are so many great products!

First, we would suggest you to change some of the products you're using (follow this order of use):

1. Moist Floral Skin Brightener (entire face), 
2. Ultramoist Spa Ampoule (entire face),
3. Utramoist Spa Cream (entire face),
4. Replace Caviar Vita with 4GF eye cream (around eyes).

Night time.
1. Bifida mist (entire face),
2. Bifidalacto complex (entire face),
3. Bifidalacto cream (only on the problem areas where wrinkles appear)
4. Replace Caviar Vita with 4GF eye cream (around eyes).

If your skin is dry or very dry, we suggest you to add 1-2 drops of the Radiance Oil into the cream.

Regarding the use of the Vita C and E. You should apply the 1 month course of these 2 products if you have pigment spots and you need to even or brighten skin tone.
Vita E is generally very good for nourishing  the ageing skin with vitamins, so you can also use it separately from Vita C.

Hi MF,

I'm interested in buying one of the Treatment Essence Natural Sun Blocks, but noticed that there are three different types. Could you explain what the differences and best usages are for each sun block?

Thank you for your question and interest in Manyo Factory products.
During the winter season it is basically enough to use the SPF29 version of the sunscreen, and in summer you may want to switch to more protection and use the SPF50 type. The SPF50 type cream has much more dense texture, but it does provide a very effective sun protecttion in fact.

SPF29 cream is recommended to be applied right after your regular morning skin cleansing and care routine and 15 minutes before applying makeup. Asian women use sunscreens regularly both when they go outdoors, or when they stay at home.

Sensitive skin is much more prone to pigmenting and therefore needs special care, for that case we have a new sun block TREATMENT ESSENCE PURE ULTRA SUN BLOCK SPF50+ PA+++. This sun block is almost completely based on organic herbs and suit sensitive skin and is also safe for children.

Dear Maxim or other Manyo team member:

I purchased several products recently for myself and am interested now in getting some products for my mother.

Could you help me with some recommendations?

- She is 75 years old, but looks younger

- Very sensitive skin.  Many products have caused her skin to react or break out

- Combination skin - oily but with some dryness occasionally.  Medium to large pores.

- Rosacea - not very very bad, but a little bit with occasional worse flare ups

- Hyperpigmentation - quite a lot and with some raised spots 

She mentions that from skin care she would like it to improve: hyperpigmentation, the little bit of rosacea that bothers her and overall more smoothness to her skin.

BUT with products that are good for very sensitive skin.

First hand, we would recommend the Vita-C and Vita-E combination of products as a sensitive troubled skin first-aid treatment course. It is very important to use the sunscreen cream SPF29/PA++ during the treatment course everytime the person is going outdoors.
Second, we suggest you use our "Troubled Skin Care Set" consisting of the three products of the same Galactomyces line. Please, see more details on this set here.
These products are safe for the sensitive skin, just look at the ingredients. Also, it does not contain purified water, alcohol, artificial dyes and fragrances, mineral oil, surfactants, preservatives.
Therefore, we recommend you the following list of products:

  1. White Vita C Liquid Serum $23
  2. Skin Renew Vita E Ampoule $18
  3. Treatment Essence Natural Sun Block $30
  4. Troubled Skin Care Set $97

I'm from Indonesia..
I just bought 3 items of Manyo trouble skin care set... are they safe for pregnant woman?please explain me clearly..i want the best for my baby. if those products arent safe for me, so when will i use?thank you so much.

Yes, these three products as well as almost all Manyo products are safe for pregnant women, except for the Active Refresh Herbal line and the new Blemish Lab Proxyl Salicyl Pack which may sometime have slight allergic reactions.


I just finished the 2 week brightening program. How often can I use that and can I use it along with vitamin c? Any recommendation to diminish acne scar in addition to the 2 week program?

You can use the 2 Weeks program as often as you want or until you reach the desired effect. Also we do not recommend combining it with the vitamin C because both products dry up skin and it is better to combine vitamin c with our Skin Renew Vita E product. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do about the post acne scars with skin care cosmetics, but we can recommend using our Blemish Labs line product AHA cream.

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