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  • Manyo Factory Vitamin Tree Brightening Pack
    Item: 0000001 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 23
    Vitamin Tree Brightening Pack in 70% consists of natural vitamins, honey and Royal jelly. It moisturizes, softens and nourishes the skin, stimulates the water-salt and fat metabolism in epidermal cells, has a strong skin regenerating and cleansing effect that makes easier dead skin cells exfoliation. By forming a nourishing, protective layer the mask pack takes care of the skin at night. Main features: Restores freshness Improves complexion Normalizes metabolism Tones the skin Improves small wrinkles Note: The new Vitamin Tree Brightening Pack is the same product as the former one named the Overnight Miracle Pack. Now under a new name with the same ingredients and bigger 75ml volume!
  • Manyo Factory Deep Pore Cleansing Soda Foam
    Item: 0000002 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 23
    Deep Pore Cleansing Soda Foam cleanser contains a complex of organic extracts (corn, chamomile, green tea, beans, papaya, potato, red ginseng, etc.), natural soda and natural oils, bean, nut, grapeseed, olive, etc. Natural particles gently polish face skin and cleanse the pores. Natural herbal complex stimulates regenerative and metabolic processes, helps to eliminate inflammation, improves the complexion and boosts elasticity. Cleansing soda foam softens and soothes sensitive skin prone to irritation.
  • Manyo Factory Green Energy Calming Mask Pack
    Item: 0000177 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 23
    Green Tea Ice Cream Pack is a vitamin C rich wash off pack in 99% made of natural organic ingredients, of which 47% is a green tea extract. Peppermint oil and contained in the green tea Catechine* extract effectively soothes and calms skin inflamations, gives a pleasant fresh ice cream cooling effect. *Catechine - are powerful antioxidants that’s why Catechins work very well as anti-aging compounds. Catechins fight free radicals, protect skin from sun damage, fight wrinkles and keep the skin youthful. Many studies tell us that Catechins should be included in the daily skin care regimen for better skin health.
  • Manyo Factory Hyaluronic Acid Micella Water Cleanser
    Item: 0000200 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 25
    Manyo Factory Hyaluronic Acid Micella Water Cleanser gently yet thoroughly cleanses skin, does not cause irritation, has a rich moisturizing effect. The product features an optimal pH level of 5.5-6.0 does not require washing off. Natural composition includes hypoallergenic cleansing ingredients, does not contain chemical surfactants and ethanol. Main features: Optimal pH level - 5.5-6.0 No washing off Chemical surfactants free Ethanol free Hypoallergenic cleansing ingredients Now you can do 3 things in a single step: remove makeup, cleanse, and tone without using water. No rinse needed, just a quick swipe, and makeup, impurities, and sebum cling to the formula. It acts like a magnet to lift dirt, oil, excess sebum, and makeup from the face and eyes. The formula is powered by organic grape water, chamomile extract, and plant glycerin to soothe, moisturize, and soften skin. Because no water is needed, this is the perfect cleanser for your gym bag to cleanse on the go. Use with a cotton pad or with your hands. The ultra-gentle formula is perfect for all skin types, even the highly sensitive ones.
  • Manyo Factory Niacin alpha Spot Сream
    Item: 0000010 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 25
    Whitening spot cream containing highly concentrated whitening factors that intensively work on somber skin to effectively fade out melanin and restore pure and transparent skin.
  • Manyo Factory Active Refresh Herb Peel
    Item: 0000056 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 25
    Based on a herbal complex this organic peeling gel has rejuvenating and revitalizing effect. Just in a few minutes the Active Refresh Herb Peel will leave your skin clean, smooth, fill it with moisture and freshness. It is a peeling gel that visibly rolls, lifts, and sweeps away dead skin cells when massaged onto skin. Rice powder - one of the active ingredients deeply moisturizes and softens the skin, improves the color and texture, stimulates tissue regeneration and smoothes wrinkles. Thanks to the wheat germ extract, which is a valuable source of proteins and beta-glucans, peeling anti-inflammatory effect, provides a firming lifting effect. Lavender extract eliminates skin oily shine, makes the skin matte, prevents clogged pores, improves blood circulation. Sage carefully disinfects and soothes inflamed skin and promotes cell regeneration and combats the first signs of aging. Basil improves blood circulation, revitalizes pale skin, adjusts the tone and gives the cheeks a pinkish tint.
  • Manyo Factory White Vita C Liquid Serum - whitening serum with Vitamin C
    Item: 0000116 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 25
    White Vita C Liquid Serum contains a unique natural 93% liquid concentrate consisting of a vitamin complex and stabilized vitamin C. White Vita C Liquid Serum effectively fights pigment spots, smoothes wrinkles, improves elasticity, provides an additional sun protection. Improved formula, vitamin complex and Vitamin C included in the liquid serum allow moisturizing and nutritional components to quickly penetrate into the skin cells.
  • Manyo Factory Blemish Lab Proxyl Gel
    Item: 0000125 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 25
    Blemish Lab Proxyl Gel within a very short time effectively eliminates acne and sources of acne (skin sebaceous glands excessive activity), disinfects, evens epidermis, brightens post acne spots, soothes and heals skin inflammations. The gel has a light texture, it allows skin to breathe, does not clog pores, does not leave a greasy shine, effectively delivers treatment components into deeper layers of skin, it is easy to spread and quickly absorbed. 
  • Manyo Factory Real Fresh Aloe Soothing Gel
    Item: 0000139 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 25
    A truly multimpurpose aloe gel will soothe, calm, refresh and moisturize skin. It helps to prevent peeling, gives skin a healthy appearance and provide gentle skin care for the whole family.
  • Manyo Factory Bifidalacto Ampoule Mist
    Item: 0000143 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 25
    A complex of bifidobacteria peptides and enzymes contained in the Lactobacillus Bifida Mist (Bifida Ampoule Mist) for face, moisturizes skin, protects from harmful environmental exposure, boosts skin protective functions by 93%, nourishes, soothes and prevents wrinkles formation, gives radiant and healthy looking skin. Does not contain alcohol and is dermatologically tested.
  • Manyo Factory Rosehip Oil Mist
    Item: 0000144 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 25
    Rosehip Oil Mist mist contains 6 types of plant derived oils: Rosehip oil (85% of the total oil part) Sea buckthorn oil Damask rose oil Sunflower seed oil Rose oil Camellia oil Mist instantly refreshes and hydrates skin, restores dermis moisture balance, nourishes skin cells with essential vitamins. Mist is easily absorbed without leaving a greasy, sticky layer on the face and gives a naturally glowing and healthy looking skin.
  • Manyo Factory Manyo Factory 5% AHA Cream
    Item: 0000162 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 25
    Soft cream with natural fresh Apple flavor contains AHA acids, combination of natural extracts, vitamins: A B C E P and other natural ingredients that condition skin, improve and brighten complexion, exfoliate dead skin cells. With a multivitamin blend, as well as rosehip fruit oils, the formula reduces visible redness, soothes with lasting moisture, eliminates acne, post acne scars, pigment spots, fights blackheads, regulates sebum production. Due to the exfoliation of the dead skin layers, the Blemish Lab Proxyl 5% AHA Cream intensely moisturizes, softens and gives skin a healthy look.
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