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  • Manyo Factory What a Melon Moisture Lip Balm
    Item: os-18323 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 7 ( 551 )
    High moisturized nourishing lip balm that water energy of watermelon and baobab tree fruit help dry lip filled with moisture and 7 plants oil give shining vitality.
  • Manyo Factory What a Melon Moisture Lip Serum
    Item: os-18324 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 10 ( 787 )
    Intensive moisturizing lip serum that vital water energy of watermelon, propolis and honey are combined to form water protection film which makes lips smooth and moisten dry lips.
  • Manyo Factory Galac For Men All In One Galac Foam
    Item: 0000178 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 15 ( 1 181 )
    Galac For Men All In One Galac Foam is a three in one product: Cleanser + Shaving foam + Face mask It is in 97% made of natural ingredients, free of alcohol, surfactants and other harmful synthetic components. Designed specifically for men whose skin is prone to irritation, this soft foam provides comfortable and smooth shaving. The Galac For Men All In One Galac Foam is easy to apply and wash away without dryness feeling.
  • Manyo Factory Coming Soon- Pure Aqua Peel
    Item: os-18326 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 16 ( 1 260 )
    A low-irritating, highly moisturizing and glowing peeling gel containing PHA
  • Manyo Factory Pure& Deep Cleansing Foam
    Item: os-18329 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 18 ( 1 417 )
    Moist and mild Pure& Deep Cleansing Foam with a low irritating safe formula containing natural surfactant that creates amazingly soft and fine bubbles that clarify impurities in pores while 10 floral complex and ceramide help fortify moisturizing barriers.
    Item: oc-18258 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 20 ( 1 574 )
    Soft pilling-gel, which contributes to moisturizing and caring of the skin with clean enzymed ingredients
  • Manyo Factory 4GF Eyelash Ampoule
    Item: 0000124 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 23 ( 1 811 )
    4GF Eyelash Ampoule for eyelashes with bifidus lacto complex and 4 growth factors (GF) moisturizes the skin at the lash roots, stimulates cells of the hair follicle, accelerating the growth and preventing lashes loss, boosts elasticity, density and volume.
  • Manyo Factory Thermal Water Mineral Cream
    Item: 0000152 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 23 ( 1 811 )
    Thermal Water Mineral Cream containing 11 mineral components, in 67 percent consisting of spring mineral water provides skin with rich moisture and nutrition like a hot spring! Panthenol serves as the key ingredient to moisturize deep skin layers and strengthen skin protective barrier. It also features quick absorption for sensitive skin making it strong and tight. As if you were on a hot spring day, you can get fresh, smooth skin texture all day long!
  • Manyo Factory Deep Pore Cleansing Soda Foam
    Item: 0000002 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 25 ( 1 968 )
    Deep Pore Cleansing Soda Foam cleanser contains a complex of organic extracts (corn, chamomile, green tea, beans, papaya, potato, red ginseng, etc.), natural soda and natural oils, bean, nut, grapeseed, olive, etc. Natural particles gently polish face skin and cleanse the pores. Natural herbal complex stimulates regenerative and metabolic processes, helps to eliminate inflammation, improves the complexion and boosts elasticity. Cleansing soda foam softens and soothes sensitive skin prone to irritation.
  • Manyo Factory Blemish Lab Proxyl Acne Foam
    Item: 0000160 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 25 ( 1 968 )
    Blemish Lab Proxyl Acne Foam gently cleanses skin and fights inflammations and acne. It is equipped with a special dispenser to make rich, soft foam that penetrates deep into pores and dissolves impurities. The foam is based on a hypoallergenic formula, enriched with natural soothing extracts to prevent the inflammation and irritation, tighten pores, remove dead skin cells, control skin pH level and sebaceous glands function.
  • Manyo Factory Galactomy Essence Mist - moisturizing mist with glucose
    Item: 0000004 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 28 ( 2 204 )
    New advanced formula and triple volume!Galactomist - moisturizing mist with glucose contains herbal extracts, glucose, rose water, birch juice, which is rich in organic and natural mineral substances and microelements. Moisturizing Galactomist with glucose: Boosts natural skin functions Nourishes skin with moisture Smoothes skin surface Refreshes and tones tired skin Regulates sebaceous glands Helps calm skin after sun exposure Balances the pH level of your skin With regular use, the mist eliminates acne, improves wrinkles, makes skin radiant and smooth. The product does not contain alcohol, artificial colors and flavors, surfactants, preservatives.
  • Manyo Factory Active Refresh Herb Peel
    Item: 0000056 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 28 ( 2 204 )
    Based on a herbal complex this organic peeling gel has rejuvenating and revitalizing effect. Just in a few minutes the Active Refresh Herb Peel will leave your skin clean, smooth, fill it with moisture and freshness. It is a peeling gel that visibly rolls, lifts, and sweeps away dead skin cells when massaged onto skin. Rice powder - one of the active ingredients deeply moisturizes and softens the skin, improves the color and texture, stimulates tissue regeneration and smoothes wrinkles. Thanks to the wheat germ extract, which is a valuable source of proteins and beta-glucans, peeling anti-inflammatory effect, provides a firming lifting effect. Lavender extract eliminates skin oily shine, makes the skin matte, prevents clogged pores, improves blood circulation. Sage carefully disinfects and soothes inflamed skin and promotes cell regeneration and combats the first signs of aging. Basil improves blood circulation, revitalizes pale skin, adjusts the tone and gives the cheeks a pinkish tint.
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