• @mdshffa hi! I would like to share with you about my face skin care.

My favorite Overnight Miracle Pack mask from Manyo Factory

I've been using Korean cosmetics for about a year and, in particular those related to face skin care! I first use fell in love with it! And I can tell you, to change until she I'm not going.

I have combination skin prone to dryness. In this post I want to show that I suffer from skin dryness, especially this time of year, and black dots!
My favorite Overnight Miracle Pack mask from Manyo Factory contains honey and I use it with great pleasure. I put this mask on my clean face before I go to bed (2 times per week). Next morning your skin is like a baby's bottom, the Overnight Miracle mask moisturizes, softens and nourishes, stimulates water-salt and fat metabolism in the cells of the epidermis. It has a regenerative and cleansing effect facilitates the removal of dead skin cells. And Yes, I just love this mask!

Overnight Miracle Pack mask with honey and vitamin complex from ManyoFactory

@beauty_girlkg Hello Insta World! Overnight Miracle Pack mask with honey and vitamin complex from ManyoFactory!

The mask has a specific smell, but since this product is 97% organic, it is normal. Medium consistency, translucent white, I can not even say that it's a mask. Apply before going to bed on cleansed dry skin. Mask is like a cream - very quickly gets absorbed. The result in the next  morning is amazing - my skin becomes incredibly soft, nourished, soft, velvety❤ fresh and clean appearance. I usually use it after a long party, or when I had a lot of makeup. I love❤ this mask and it has a short shelf life, which indicates its natural organic, without Sls, parabens and other chemicals. I love Korean cosmetics!

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