REVIEW: Why The Manyo Factory Galactomyces 10x Wrap Mask Is The Best Mask EVER

  • I stumbled upon Manyo Factory over a year ago while I was in loitering on HwaHae, South Korea’s most well known product review app. Not the most glamorous way to discover new skincare products, but realistic.

A hop and a box of intense brightening, plumping, pore & redness reducing masks later, I placed Manyo Factory’s Galactomyces 10x Wrap Mask on my most-holy-grail-mask-ever-list. #blessed!! The good news is: this masked has been RESTOCKED!


This is one mask that I did not try before bringing it to the shop. I was chatting with Joan, from Kinseng, and she asked me to bring it when I dropped the news about bringing a selection of Manyo Factory products soon. She was like CAN YOU ALSO GET THE GALACTOMYCES MASK???? So, I was like, sure. Why not? 

During this time, the skin on my face was going through its first phase of really bad adult acne coupled with a huge allergic reaction that ended up in eczema. I was swollen, red, dry, oily...on top of that I was sleeping erratically so I had terrible dark eye circles and eye bags. Definitely the worst condition the skin on my face...has faced.


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