Manyo Factory White Vita C Liquid Serum Review

  • Hi, my name is Hyun Yie. Today, I would like you to meet the new Manyo Factory product that I have been recently using. My skin is fatty and slightly sensitive type, and I don’t have much acne.

Because of my sensitive skin I usually check the ingredients of cosmetics first, because what others told me that it often tends to be not so good for my skin type.

I’ve been using normal skin lotions from Manyo Factory, as well as ampoules and creams, however as the summer comes in I needed more light type cosmetics to take care of some of my skin imperfections. And than I found this Manyo Factory White Vita C Liquid Serum on sale and I have been using this very well since I bought it.

Manyo Factory White Vita C Liquid Serum and Skin Renew Vita E Ampoule

Actually, I have purchased both Skin Renew Vita E Ampoule and a smaller one is White Vita C serum.

Since Vitamin C is easily oxidised through contact with air or water, it is often sold in a form of a separate Vitamin C powder to be dissolved in an ampoule.

The reasons for getting the Vitamin C serum together with the Vitamin E ampoulle is because vitamin E helps vitamin C to be better absorbed by skin and therefore they both improve effectiveness of each other.

important noticeIt is not recommended to use Vita C product with other cosmetics that contain Retinol and collagen ingredients.

So, these days, I clean my face using toner in the morning and evening and put these two products on and other moisture ampoule and finish my makeup.

Manyo Factory White Vita C Liquid Serum

This is how Manyo Factory White Vita C Liquid Serum looks like. It smells like typical vitamin C that we know.

Skin Renew Vita E Ampoule

Skin Renew Vita E Ampoule also looks similar to typical ampoule products. However, it doesn’t really smell good.

I have been using these products for less then one month, and I'm experiencing great whitening effects and my skin got much cleaner. Also, you can increase the performance of sun block if you use this two products before putting on sunblock in the morning.

how much is left after less than one month of use

I have only that much left after less than one month. I usually don’t finish cosmetics easily but I think I could finish this one!!

I'm also intending to repurchase the both items, although the price of this product is not so cheap. However, still I find Manyo Factory products to be more effective than other cosmetics on similar price range, also it matches well with my sensitive skin. I had no troubles with it and I'm experiencing a lot of improvements.

If you want to achieve good whitening effect and don’t want to use lot of various cream products in summer for skin care, I highly recommend the White Vita C Liquid Serum for you.

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