About Manyo Factory

  • The history of Manyo Factory

    Manyo Factory has been established in 2012, but in such a short time, the products of this brand became very popular not only in Korea but also in other countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, France, Germany and others. Initially, Manyo Factory products were supposed to be sold only in South Korea, however, the products became of a huge demand in the first two years of the sales start.

Korean word 'manyo' can be literally translated as a sorceress. Why sorceress? Manyo Factory products consist of only natural and botanical ingredients, so the process of creating natural cosmetics can be compared with the preparation of magic potions.

What makes Manyo Factory cosmetics different?

Натуральная косметика из Кореи

Manyo Factory produces environmentally friendly products based on natural ingredients without using any harmful to human body chemical substances. Due to this fact, in a relatively short time it became famous all over Asia and now in Europe and USA.

You can be sure that the components of cosmetics are completely safe to use, have a hypoallergenic formula and do not harm sensitive skin prone to irritations, rashes and imperfections.

Manyo Factory products contain no artificial coloring and fragrances, mineral oils and products of oil refining. Careful and thorough skin care without chemicals is the main idea of korean cosmetics by Manyo Factory.

All day round Manyo Factory cosmetics takes care of your skin, leaving it perfectly hydrated and nourished.

You will find a huge variety of products, from anti-aging and brightening to anti-inflammatory and sunscreen. Each product is able to restore, protect and make your skin younger, healthy and beautiful.

Moreover, all Manyo Factory products look stylish and premium quality, making them an excellent gift to your loved ones.

Manyo Factory is an natural cosmetics manufacturer whose idea is that its product appearance should match the high quality of the natural ingredients.

Problematic skin care

Another great feature of Manyo Factory natural cosmetics from Korea is that the products are designed to care for problematic skin:

  • oily skin with enlarged pores
  • skin prone to inflammation
  • acne and pigmentation
  • flaking dry skin

Environmentally friendly and natural ingredients of Manyo Factory cosmetics

Manyo Factory cosmetics is created of unique, often rare ingredients, most of which grows in the wild, ecologically clean forests of the Amazon. You may find the components such as: snail mucin, aloe Vera juice, almond oil, collagen, hyaluronic acid and many other ingredients, effectively caring for the skin. Regular application of such products will provide you with a significant improvement of the skin health.

Manyo Factory natural products will cope with any skin problem, whether it is acne, wrinkles, loss of elasticity or lack of hydration. The manufacturer attentively controls the expiration dates of the products. You can always be sure of the quality, naturalness and safety of Manyo Factory cosmetics!

Dinso Co., LTD online cosmetics store from Korea sells and ships products to Russia & CIS countries.

Taking care of your skin and looking younger is easy and pleasant if using the products from a leading Korean cosmetcs brand. Dinso agency will gladly help you choose the products that fit your skin better!

All Manyo Factory ingredients have been certified by USDA, Ellead, Ecocert, German Certification and other institutions and organizations.

Find out answers to the most frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.

Certificates issued to the Manyo Factory products

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificatesEcocertGerman Cert - Quality management system certificatecosmetics ecocertEllead skin and biology certificateUSDA organic certificateSoil Assoiciation Certification Limited Symbol Programme

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