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    Item: os-18262 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 25 ( 1 968 )
    Shower gel containing aloe juice freshly harvested on Jeju Island. The tool has an optimal level of acidity ph 8.4.
  • out of stock Manyo Factory Galac For Men All In One Galac Foam
    Item: 0000178 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 18 ( 1 417 )
    Galac For Men All In One Galac Foam is a three in one product: Cleanser + Shaving foam + Face mask It is in 97% made of natural ingredients, free of alcohol, surfactants and other harmful synthetic components. Designed specifically for men whose skin is prone to irritation, this soft foam provides comfortable and smooth shaving. The Galac For Men All In One Galac Foam is easy to apply and wash away without dryness feeling.
  • out of stock Manyo Factory HUG PERFUME BODY WASH
    Item: os-18260 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 20 ( 1 574 )
    Hug perfume body wash containing gentle low-irritating natural cleansing substances that prevent skin irritation and dryness and naturally moisturizing plant oils that leave deep moisture to skin without dryness after shower and warm and subtle scent that embraces body like perfume.
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