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  • Manyo Factory Hand and Nail Treatment Cream
    Item: 0000069 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 12
    Hand and Nail Treatment Cream is a moisturizing cream that protects skin from irritation and cracks, makes skin soft and elastic, strengthens nails, has a healing effect, prevents aging and provides long-lasting comfort. Portulaca extract helps to reduce and prevents wrinkles formation: creates smooth and resilient skin, effectively protects collagen from damage, increases the protective functions of the skin. Centella extract is a source of vitamins A, C, E, K and magnesium. Magnesium normalizes vessels function, skin cells get extra nourishment and oxygen, and the appearance of the skin significantly improves. Lavender oil heals skin cracks and injuries, tones up, soothes, softens and nourishes the skin.
  • Manyo Factory Niacin alpha Spot Сream
    Item: 0000010 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 25
    Whitening spot cream containing highly concentrated whitening factors that intensively work on somber skin to effectively fade out melanin and restore pure and transparent skin.
  • Manyo Factory Proxyl AC Rescue Gel
    Item: 0000125 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 25
    Blemish Lab Proxyl Gel within a very short time effectively eliminates acne and sources of acne (skin sebaceous glands excessive activity), disinfects, evens epidermis, brightens post acne spots, soothes and heals skin inflammations. The gel has a light texture, it allows skin to breathe, does not clog pores, does not leave a greasy shine, effectively delivers treatment components into deeper layers of skin, it is easy to spread and quickly absorbed. 
  • Manyo Factory Real Fresh Aloe Soothing Gel
    Item: 0000139 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 25
    A truly multimpurpose aloe gel will soothe, calm, refresh and moisturize skin. It helps to prevent peeling, gives skin a healthy appearance and provide gentle skin care for the whole family.
  • Manyo Factory Manyo Factory 5% AHA Cream
    Item: 0000162 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 25
    Soft cream with natural fresh Apple flavor contains AHA acids, combination of natural extracts, vitamins: A B C E P and other natural ingredients that condition skin, improve and brighten complexion, exfoliate dead skin cells. With a multivitamin blend, as well as rosehip fruit oils, the formula reduces visible redness, soothes with lasting moisture, eliminates acne, post acne scars, pigment spots, fights blackheads, regulates sebum production. Due to the exfoliation of the dead skin layers, the Blemish Lab Proxyl 5% AHA Cream intensely moisturizes, softens and gives skin a healthy look.
  • Manyo Factory Moist Floral Balm
    Item: 0000103 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 30
    Moist Floral Balm provides a daily "head to heels" multi-care for the entire family. The balm is perfect for face, hands, body, dry and sensitive skin and even hair. Based on the complex of 17 species of flowers and plants extracts and oils, it actively nourishes the skin with moisture, vitamins and other beneficial components, smoothes the structure and evens skin tone. It gets quickly absorbed, does not leave the skin feeling heaviness and stickiness, gives the skin a natural glow and fills skin cells with energy. This moisturizing balm is made with a specially developed formula based on flower and plant oils and extracts to improve skin condition and give a pleasant feeling of tenderness and softness. Moist Floral Balm effectively nourishes skin and hair cells with moisture without causing any harm.
  • Manyo Factory Rosehip repair cream
    Item: 0000163 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 35
    Natural Treatment Rosehip Cream contains more than 70% of rosehip extract - a natural source of vitamins: A B C E P, helps repair the look of fine lines and skin discolorations, fights pigment and age spots, freckles, improves wrinkles, gives elasticity, freshness and healthy glow to tired skin. It is formulated with rosehip extract, a rich source of natural vitamin C, that effectively moisturizes and nourishes skin with beneficial vitamins. Skin feels smoother and more supple-glowing with natural radiance. This cream contains 96% natural ingredients, and like all Manyo Factory formulations, it is made without parabens, petrolatum, silicones.
  • Manyo Factory Blemish Lab Proxyl AC control salicyl cream
    Item: 0000171 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 35
    Blemish Lab Proxyl AC control salicyl cream - oil free moisturizing cream that perfectly matches the oil-water balance of the troubled skin. Salicylic acid and centella ingredients are blended together to calm irritated skin and take care of excess sebum and pore problems. Salicylic acid cream for sensitive skin. Contains strong calming botanical extracts. Quickly absorbed by skin. Instantly captures and regulates sensitive skin moisture balance with oil-free ingredients.
  • Manyo Factory Age Return Cream(ex.Midnight Regenerating Cream)
    Item: 0000182 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 35
    Renew your skin with high efficiency saponin energy! Manyo Factory Fermentation Science special overnight skin care recipe!
  • Manyo Factory 4GF Ampoule Eye Cream
    Item: 0000013 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 40
    4GF Ampoule Eye Cream contains more than 20% of the 4GF (4 growth factor) to effectively nourish tired, flabby skin, provide proper skin care in 4 steps: Step 1. Containing in the cream peptides and adenosine help to prevent premature skin aging by making the aging cells to work as young ones. Acetyl Hexapeptide reduces the contraction of muscles and improves the wrinkles. Step 2. Shea butter and hyaluronic acid soothe, soften, accelerate skin regeneration. Step 3. Hydrolyzed collagen, quinoa extract, wheat germ, flaxseed oil effectively improve skin elasticity. Step 4. Lactobacilli enhance the immune system and boost the anti-virus epidermis resources. Squalene strengthens tugor, provides healthy glow, moisturizes dry and irritated skin.
  • Manyo Factory Galac For Men All In One Treatment Cream
    Item: 0000148 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 40
    Galac For Men All In One Treatment Cream based on the 4 Growth Factors (4 GF), bifidobacteria enzymes, rice yeast extract, galactomyces yeast extract combines the effect of Essence, Eye cream and Face cream. Cream is quickly absorbed leaving no sticky layer, deeply nourishes and moisturizes skin, smoothes wrinkles, improves elasticity, evens complexion, prevents acne and controls sebaceous glands functioning.
  • Manyo Factory Marine Energy Spa Cream
    Item: 0000012 Brand: Manyo Factory
    $ 42
    Nourishing and moisturizing cream based on sea minerals intensively moisturizes and regenerates the skin, has a calming, anti-stress and anti-inflammatory effect. SPA cream enhances the process of cell regeneration, has antioxidant properties, softens and nourishes the skin with essential vitamins and minerals, strengthens capillary walls, making them more elastic; boosts skin immunity and makes your skin literally glow. The product includes components of sea algae such as brown algae extract, extract of Caulerpa, spirulina extract, etc. Laminaria Laminaria extract (brown algae) has high biological activity, due to containing organic and mineral compounds - polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins a, D,B2,E, iodine, bromine, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, and chlorophyll, and fatty acids. High concentration of minerals and vitamins provide sufficient nutrition, detoxification and hydration of the skin. Caulerpa Caulerpa extract – "sea grape" contains calcium, iron and magnesium, actively restores the mineral ratio, nourishes the skin and intensively moisturizes. Spirulina Spirulina extract boosts the synthesis of elastin, stimulates the function of endogenous porphyrins generation, has an anti-inflammatory effect. Spirulina also supplies cells with polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are indispensable to preserve skin elasticity. Fucoidan
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